Custom DSC Resources and Parameter Sets

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    Josh Henne


    Regarding custom DSC resources, is it legal to use multiple parameter sets? An example would be a resource for a package I want to install which could either be hosted on a local file share or downloaded from a URI. Within a configuration, I would want to specify either the share or the URI.



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    Don Jones


    You can have optional parameters, though. You could have "UNC" and "URI" and just figure out which one was specified. But there's no way to enforce someone using one or the other.

    Or, just specify a "source" property, and figure out for yourself if it's a UNC or a URI. That'd be the friendly thing to do.

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    Josh Henne

    Thanks Don! That clears things up. I'll keep just the URI parameter and use one of the built-in resources for systems that don't have internet access.

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