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    I need to configure denyByRequestRate to an existing DSC push environment, but not sure how.

    I was able to install the windows feature via the my psd1 script:

     WindowsFeatures = ("Web-Server", "Web-Basic-Auth", "Web-Windows-Auth", 'Web-Url-Auth', 'Web-IP-Security',"Web-Mgmt-Tools", "Web-Mgmt-Service", 'Web-Includes', 'Web-CGI') 

    and then config it manually to see the output to the applicationhost.config file.

    then manually configured the setting to get the output:


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    Something from xWebAdministration module should help you. Below are the DSCResources available. check xWebConfigProperty and xWebConfigPropertyCollection.

    ImplementedAs   Name                          ModuleName                     Version    Properties
    -------------   ----                          ----------                     -------    ----------
    PowerShell      WebApplicationHandler         xWebAdministration       {Name, Path, AllowPathInfo, DependsOn...}
    PowerShell      xIisFeatureDelegation         xWebAdministration       {Filter, OverrideMode, Path, DependsOn...}
    PowerShell      xIisHandler                   xWebAdministration       {Ensure, Name, DependsOn, PsDscRunAsCredential}
    PowerShell      xIisLogging                   xWebAdministration       {LogPath, DependsOn, LogCustomFields, LogFlags...}
    PowerShell      xIisMimeTypeMapping           xWebAdministration       {ConfigurationPath, Ensure, Extension, MimeType...
    PowerShell      xIisModule                    xWebAdministration       {Name, Path, RequestPath, Verb...}
    PowerShell      xSSLSettings                  xWebAdministration       {Bindings, Name, DependsOn, Ensure...}
    PowerShell      xWebApplication               xWebAdministration       {Name, PhysicalPath, WebAppPool, Website...}
    PowerShell      xWebAppPool                   xWebAdministration       {Name, autoShutdownExe, autoShutdownParams, aut...
    PowerShell      xWebAppPoolDefaults           xWebAdministration       {ApplyTo, DependsOn, IdentityType, ManagedRunti...
    PowerShell      xWebConfigKeyValue            xWebAdministration       {ConfigSection, Key, WebsitePath, DependsOn...}
    PowerShell      xWebConfigProperty            xWebAdministration       {Filter, PropertyName, WebsitePath, DependsOn...}
    PowerShell      xWebConfigPropertyCollection  xWebAdministration       {CollectionName, Filter, ItemKeyName, ItemKeyVa...
    PowerShell      xWebsite                      xWebAdministration       {Name, ApplicationPool, ApplicationType, Authen...
    PowerShell      xWebSiteDefaults              xWebAdministration       {ApplyTo, AllowSubDirConfig, DefaultApplication...
    PowerShell      xWebVirtualDirectory          xWebAdministration       {Name, PhysicalPath, WebApplication, Website...}
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    i will look

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