Deploy Multiple Configurations Simultaneously

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    David Ben David


    We're using DSC Push deployment as a part of our CD pipeline similar to what's described here.
    We have multiple components that we deploy on the same server.

    Today we can only deploy one component at a time because each deploy runs a Start-DscConfiguration command with a different configuration.
    I've read about partial configurations, and the recent article regarding DscLcm module, but non of them doesn't help us with our problem.

    What would be the best way to deploy multiple configurations deployment simultaneously?


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    Michael Greene

    This is a great scenario for Composite Resources. Feedback from customers has largely been that this design is a preferred over Partial Configurations because it encourages collaboration around a single route to production.

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    David Ben David

    Thank you very much Michael!, I'll review your suggestion and share my conclusions 🙂

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