Do i need to learn dot net to become very good at powershell

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    rahul kumar

    I am a system administrator with a couple of years experience in server administration and PowerShell scripting. Mostly I have taught myself using books and videos. Recently I have seen some job openings for PowerShell system admin which requires knowledge of dot net as well. Now I have no knowledge of any programming language. What exactly they mean when they say knowledge of dot net would be added advantage? What exactly do I need to learn in dot net – (a)to be good at PowerShell. (b) to understand PowerShell scripts written by other admins which contain dot net framework commands (c) to be able to use dot net framework commands in PowerShell scripts. What would be some of the dot net framework training resources would you suggest to an absolute beginner in programming (with reference to PowerShell).

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    Hi Rahul,

    To learn PowerShell, .Net knowledge is not required as it is one of the main goal and advantage of PowerShell is the ability to use .Net framework without knowing .Net. PowerShell is build on top of .Net and all the binary cmdlets are using .Net under cover(open sourced now).

    Having .Net knowledge will really help anyone who is doing PowerShell more than as an administrator.According to me there are three types of PowerShellers.
    1. Using PowerShell as an Administrator (Using available cmdlets to do day to day tasks and writing small scripts).
    2. Using PowerShell as a Developer (Building advanced PowerShell scripts and adopting new trend from community).
    3. As a PowerShell Fan (Exploring PowerShell as an Admin and Developer being in the community by sharing and learning).

    if you are 2 or 3 .Net knowledge is a big Bonus.


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