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    currently maintaining DSC for IIS in a somewhat large environment.( production and test servers)
    right now all developers have to request permission and sites to be setup. it seems to be a lot to maintain.
    all requests for additional iis features must be done by request and approved etc.
    on site changes like permissions or to create a virtual folders, after doing the pull and push the change can take 30 minutes.
    developers only have the only ability up copy files to their sites' shares.

    its nice that all the servers have the same base image but now its maintaining the small stuff is a little much.

    looking for ways to improve what DSC is doing or looking for a different solution.

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    We built a custom solution that uses DSC but is more of a self service approach .
    People can clone the base images config and add to it and save that as a unique template then apply that to any machine. Like building on existing DSC configs and creating a library of configs that anyone can use.
    It UI based and makes it easy to see whats in a DSC config instead of trolling through and having to read it line by line.

    Maybe using a similar approach could be useful in your situation.

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