DSC Class based resource error

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    Ox Hobbs

    Hi, I am looking around to see if anyone else has seen this error when creating DSC class-based resources.
    I have a few resources in the same psm1 file. The first couple of resources work normally and I haven't done anything different in the next resource I am trying to create.

    My resource shows up with Get-DscResource properly. However, when I run an Invoke-DscResource -Method Test on it I get an error:
    Invoke-DscResource : All classes must have a reference to ConfigurationResource.

    My searches don't show me anything and I just simply don't see that I have done anything different from any other class-based resource I have create.


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    can you please share the relevant pieces of the class based resource that is throwing that error? That would help us investigate more.

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    Aurimas N.

    Hi, were you able to identify the problem?

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