DSC "Consistency" Task running "Inconsistently"

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    Jeff Pflum

    I am using DSC to configure a WS2012R2 machine as my DSC Pull Server. One thing I noticed is that pretty frequently, the Task Scheduler task to check it's consistency is not run. The following Warning is logged when this happens:

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    It is scheduled to run every 30 minutes. sometime it runs fine, other times it doe not run and the warning shown above is logged. For example, Saturday (6/21) it failed to run 16 out of 48 times, and on Sunday (6/22) it failed to run 22 out of 48 times.

    If I run it manually it runs fine.

    Any idea what could cause this "Consistency" task to run "Inconsistently"?

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    Don Jones

    You need to remove the angle brackets in the error, or format it as code.

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    Jeff Pflum


    Here is the Warning:

    "Task Scheduler did not launch task '\Microsoft\Windows\Desired State Configuration\Consistency' as it missed its schedule. Consider using the configuration option to start the task when available, if schedule is missed."

    NOTE: This same task on "client" servers, which run Windows Server 2008 R2, run 100% consistently (i.e. the warning has never occurred.

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    Don Jones

    That's a pure Task Scheduler problem, not DSC per se. Something kept the task from running – possibly the server was busy, sleeping, etc. as it notes, you can reconfigure the task to run as soon as the server realizes it missed. I'm not a great Task Scheduler troubleshooter, though.

    It's also possible for a large configuration to keep the server busy for longer than 30 minutes. It'd have to be huge, but that could cause a schedule miss if it tried to run and a previous run was still going.

    But you'll have to troubleshoot this from a Task perspective.

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