DSC does not continue after required reboot.

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    Peter Anderson

    So I am trying to bring up a build machine using Powershell DSC 4.

    The issue is that the DSC does not continue after the VM has successfully rebooted, it just stops:

    VERBOSE: [VM1]:                            [[Package]MicrosoftAzureAuthoringTools-x64] Package has been installed
    VERBOSE: [VM1]:                            [[Package]MicrosoftAzureAuthoringTools-x64] Package configuration finished
    VERBOSE: [VM1]: LCM:  [ End    Set      ]  [[Package]MicrosoftAzureAuthoringTools-x64]  in 0.9840 seconds.
    VERBOSE: [VM1]: LCM:  [ End    Resource ]  [[Package]MicrosoftAzureAuthoringTools-x64]
    VERBOSE: [VM1]:                            [] A reboot is scheduled to progress further. Configuration will be continued after the reboot.
    VERBOSE: [VM1]:                            [] Consistency check completed.
    ReturnValue    : 0
    PSComputerName : VM1
    VERBOSE: Operation 'Invoke CimMethod' complete.
    ERRORCOUNT:  + 0
    Transcript stopped, output file is C:\daily.log

    And here is my local config settings

    LocalConfigurationManager {
    			ConfigurationMode = 'ApplyAndMonitor'
                           ActionAfterReboot = 'ContinueConfiguration'
    			ConfigurationID = $guid
    			RefreshMode = 'Pull'
    			RebootNodeIfNeeded = $True
    			DownloadManagerName = 'DscFileDownloadManager'
    			DownloadManagerCustomData = @{
    				SourcePath = '\\server1\CleanroomBuildAssets'
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    Justin King

    out of curiosity, are all your dependson flags set? I'm not 100% certain but I suspect it may be a combination of the lack of a dependson and the fact that you are using "applyandmonitor".

    Basically I'm curious if the problem is that after reboot the configuration is set as "done" because no modules are specifically set to occur afterwords and the fact you are set to monitor and not correct means future pulls won't ever update the "half install".

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