DSC EventLog errors every 10 mins on pull server

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    Peter McEvoy

    I've setup a DSC pull server using information from this URL: https://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/powershell/dsc/pullserver
    I'm pretty happy that I got it working – mof files appear to be distributed and acted upon.

    However I am seeing a regular set of errors in the "Desired State Configuration / Operational" client event log. Three errors appear every 10 minutes in rapid succession:


    Job {1E5A6D1C-5FCF-11E6-80F2-CE9EFA21E00F} : 
    MIResult: 1
    Error Message: 
    Message ID: 
    Error Category: 0
    Error Code: 1
    Error Type: 


    Job {1E5A6D1C-5FCF-11E6-80F2-CE9EFA21E00F} : 
    MIResult: 1
    Error Message: NULL
    Message ID: NULL
    Error Category: 0
    Error Code: 0
    Error Type: NULL


    Job DscTimerConsistencyOperationResult : 
    DSC Engine Error : 
    	 Error Message: NULL 
    	Error Code : 1 

    Have do I fix these errors?

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    I assume these are on the Pull Server? Can you send me the zip file that is generated using
    New-xDscDiagnosticsZip cmdlet from xDscDiagnostics module (github.com/PowerShell/xdscdiagnostics)?
    If you can upload the file somewhere and paste the URL, that would be great. Or if you want to send me the zip file – insivara@microsoft.com is my email.

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