DSC Not able to get reporting working on IIS Pull server

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    Struggling with this.
    have a IIS Pull Server running on WS2016.
    I have a client running 2012R2 .
    All appears to be working in that the configuration that i have set up (which ensures that one service is set to running and one registry key is present) are taking effect on the client. i.e. if I remove the registry key , DSC will ensure that the key is putback.
    Now I would like to be able to report on this as I understand a IIS Pull Server can do this, however this does not appear to be working. I'll reiterate that the DSC mechanism itself does appear to be working, it's just the reporting side that I'm stuck with.
    Let me expand on this.
    the client configuration file looks like this :-


    Configuration LCMPULLV2

    Node localhost
    RefreshMode = 'Pull'
    RefreshFrequencyMins = 30
    RebootNodeIfNeeded = $false
    ConfigurationMode = "ApplyandAutoCorrect"
    ConfigurationRepositoryWeb servername301
    ServerURL = 'https://servername301:8080/PSDSCPullServer.svc'
    RegistrationKey = 'abcdefg-1234-5678-1234-1234567890'
    ConfigurationNames = @('DomainControllerDSCConfig')
    ReportServerWeb uspmvmgt301
    ServerURL = 'https://servername301:8080/PSDSCPullServer.svc'
    RegistrationKey = 'abcdefg-1234-5678-1234-1234567890'

    Set-dscLocalConfigurationManager localhost -path .\LCMPULLV2 -verbose

    On the clinet if I type this into abrowser
    I get this back – which is fine as far as I know.










    If I run
    PS C:\windows\system32> get-dsclocalconfigurationmanager

    ActionAfterReboot : ContinueConfiguration
    AgentId : abcdfgh-1234-5678-1234-1234567890
    AllowModuleOverWrite : False
    CertificateID :
    ConfigurationDownloadManagers : {[ConfigurationRepositoryWeb]servername301}
    ConfigurationID :
    ConfigurationMode : ApplyAndAutoCorrect
    ConfigurationModeFrequencyMins : 15
    Credential :
    DebugMode : {NONE}
    DownloadManagerCustomData :
    DownloadManagerName :
    LCMCompatibleVersions : {1.0, 2.0}
    LCMState : Idle
    LCMStateDetail :
    LCMVersion : 2.0
    StatusRetentionTimeInDays : 10
    PartialConfigurations :
    RebootNodeIfNeeded : False
    RefreshFrequencyMins : 30
    RefreshMode : Pull
    ReportManagers : {[ReportServerWeb]servername301}
    ResourceModuleManagers : {}
    PSComputerName :

    and then type the following into the browser
    i get a page cannot be displayed
    if I try the same with https I get a HTTp404. the resource cannto be found.

    Any suggestion on what to try? pointers as to where to look?

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    Yes that was a typo, but retried none the less and it still failed.
    Some additional information
    the event log (desired state configuration section) is logging :-
    event id 4266
    Job {7F701ACC-51C0-11E7-80BD-0050569E2DAC} :
    Successfully sent the status report using Report Manager WebDownloadManager.

    Event id 4264
    Job {7F701ACC-51C0-11E7-80BD-0050569E2DAC} :
    WebReportManager for agent DD8E11D9-5030-11E7-80BD-0050569E2DAC Send-DscStatus command succeeded.

    Event id 4262
    Job {7F701ACC-51C0-11E7-80BD-0050569E2DAC} :
    WebReportManager for agent 12345678-1234-5678-1234-12434567890 Send-DscStatus command, POST Url: PSDSCPullServer.svc/Nodes(AgentId='DD8E11D9-5030-11E7-80BD-0050569E2DAC')/SendReport.

    This suggests to me that the information IS being sent to the report server on the pull servers, its just trying to get that informationout that I'm struggling with.

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    I noticed that I have the same problems In my dev environment. In my case both Pull server and Client is running on Windows 2016.
    I will do some troubleshooting when I have the time.

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