Eligibility for OnRamp Scholarship 2019

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    Matt Bobke

    Hi everyone,

    I'm filling out an application for the PowerShell Summit 2019 OnRamp Scholarship and I have a question about the Basic Eligibility page. It states that I "must have completed a basic IT operations education program" and asks me to "please attach proof of completion, such as a certificate copy or transcript, as well as a program syllabus or outline".

    I have not completed any official programs as far as this application is concerned, certainly none that resulted in any certificates/transcripts or had a syllabus. However, I've held official IT internships in both Help Desk and Desktop Support throughout my college career (2013-2017) and have been employed full time in Desktop Support for a year. Given that these positions have satisfied the criteria stated on this page ("the primary criteria for whether a program is eligible is whether it teaches the same basic material (or more) covered by the CompTIA A+ certification"), would I be eligible to apply?

    Thank you!

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    Don Jones

    Certainly! We tried as best we could to communicate the intent of the requirements, but without making it a 20-pager, it's tough to be comprehensive.

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      Matt Bobke

      Thank you very much for responding!

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