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    Adnan Rashid


    Is it likely the Europe summit going to be recorded?

    If so is it possible to record the desktop directly on the computer like how it might be done on a webex. I know a lot of effort goes into recording the sessions regardless however i feel that effort may be slightly wasted if you are unable to view the screen clearly to follow along with the presentation.


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    Dave Wyatt

    Starting with the 2014 European PowerShell Summit, all PowerShell Summit sessions will be recorded. There was a community fundraising campaign that started in the middle of this year's N.A. PowerShell Summit, which resulted in having enough money to purchase some nice equipment. (See ).

    I don't know all the details myself, but I know that the recording equipment sits between the presenter's computer and the projector (via the DisplayPort, HDMI, or whatever connection) and records the entire video stream without the need for software on the presenter's computer. If I remember correctly, it's also supposed to record whatever the speaker says into their microphone. You won't wind up with video of the speaker up on stage, but you should have a flawless recording of the content.

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    Don Jones

    We will be capturing everything from the projector feed directly. There were several announcements in the blog, back in April.

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    Adnan Rashid

    okay excellent, thanks

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