European PowerShell Summit attendees overview of twitter and blog

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    Bjorn Houben

    Since the European PowerShell Summit has ended, it would be great to have an overview of people who attended with their info. Like their current country they live in, twitter handle and blog/website.

    I already tried using twitter for that, but it didn't work as good as I hoped, so let's try it using the forum. I will update the overview as people comment.

    [u][b]Speakers / organizers[/b][/u]

    [ul]Bartek Bielawski,The Netherlands, @bielawb,
    [ul]Dan Harman, United States, ?, ?[/ul]
    [ul]Don Jones, United States, @concentrateddon,
    [ul]Jeffrey Snover, United States, @jsnover, [url][/url][/ul]
    [ul]Jeff Wouters, The Netherlands, @JeffWouters, [url][/url][/ul]
    [ul]Jim Truher, United States, ?, ?[/ul]
    [ul]Lee Holmes, United States, @Lee_Holmes, [url][/url][/ul]
    [ul]Mike Martin, Belgium, @TechMike2kX, [url][/url][/ul]
    [ul]Mike Pfeiffer, United States, @mike_pfeiffer, [url][/url][/ul]
    [ul]Richard Siddaway, United Kingdom, @RSiddaway, [url][/url][/ul]
    [ul]Steven Murawski, United States, @stevenmurawski, [url][/url][/ul]
    [ul]Tobias Weltner, Germany,@TobiasPSP , [url][/url][/ul]


    [ul]Amanda Ownes Debler, Germany, @texmandie, [url][/url][/ul]
    [ul]Bjorn Houben, The Netherlands, @bjornhouben, [url][/url][/ul]
    [ul]Brian Sprogø, Denmark, @brian_sprogoe, ?[/ul]
    [ul]Claus Thude Nielsen, Denmark, @Claustn, [url][/url] & [url][/url][/ul]
    [ul]Chris Warwick, United Kingdom, @cjwarwickps, [url][/url][/ul]
    [ul]Dave Garnar, United Kingdom, @davotronic5000, [url][/url][/ul]
    [ul]Espen Sandall, Norway, @espensan, ?[/ul]
    [ul]Fabian Dibot, France, @fdibot, [url][/url][/ul]
    [ul]Gael Colas, United Kingdom (France every now and then), @gaelcolas, no[/ul]
    [ul]Harrison Shlong, ?, @evilSnobu , ?[/ul]
    [ul]Iain Brighton, United Kingdom, @iainbrighton, [url][/url][/ul]
    [ul]Jürg Steiger, Switzerland, @JuergSteiger, No[/ul]
    [ul]Khan Mannan, Stockholm, @khanmannanx, ?[/ul]
    [ul]Kieran Walsh, Ireland, @kieranwalsh, ?[/ul]
    [ul]Mark Demmer, ?, @DemmerLive, ?[/ul]
    [ul]Mathias Jessen, Netherlands, @IISResetMe, [url][/url][/ul]
    [ul]Matthijs Kerssemaker, Netherlands, @mkerssem, ?[/ul]
    [ul]Morten G. Johansen, Denmark, @mgjohansen, [url][/url][/ul]
    [ul]Oracle DotNetDev, Belgium, @oradotnetdev, @IISResetMe, no[/ul]
    [ul]Øyvind Kallstad, Norway, @okallstad, ?[/ul]
    [ul]Robert vd Nieuwendijk, The Netherlands, @rvdnieuwendijk, [url][/url][/ul]
    [ul]Simon Wåhlin, Sweden, @SimonWahlin, [url][/url][/ul]
    [ul]Stefan Stranger, The Netherlands, @sstranger, [url][/url][/ul]
    [ul]Stein Petersen, Norway, @Bohem1, ?[/ul]
    [ul]Stéphane van Gulick, Switzerland + France, @Stephanevg, [url][/url][/ul]
    [ul]Stijn Callebaut, Belgium, @StijnCa, [url][/url][/ul]
    [ul]Tim Pringle, Netherlands, @_timpringle, ?[/ul]
    [ul]Tom Arbuthnot, United Kingdom, @tomarbuthnot, [url][/url][/ul]

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    Windows LiveUser94

    Hi Don. Please put me also on the attendees list. The summit was great and had the perfect size to have e chance to get in touch with the Powershell Team Members and all the Powershell MVPs. Looking forward to the next Event in 2015.

    Jürg Steiger, Switzerland, @JuergSteiger

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    Good idea Bjorn!

    Gael Colas, United Kingdom (and France every now and then), @gaelcolas

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