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    I am using Powershell scripts to run Excel 2013 on a Windows 2012 server and save the spreadsheets as 2003 .xls workbooks.

    If I use the $xlNormal = 51, then the spreadsheets save correctly as .xlsx workbooks which I cannot use in the next stage.
    I have tried $xlNormal = 43 where an exception "SaveAs method of Workbook class failed"
    With $xlNormal = 29 Excel does not create any output file and hangs until I do a stop-process
    With $xlNormal = 56 I see a temporary file with no type being created with size 1K and Excel hangs until I do a stop-process

    I have to create the earlier version of .xls file as these are read by a system that uses Excel 2003 using complex macros.
    What am I doing wrong and how do I save with the old formats.

    I have included the working parts of the script.



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    Try setting $objExcel.DisplayAlerts to $false instead of $true. That might be causing the behavior you're observing.

    For reference, here are the valid values of the XlFileFormat type:

    PS C:\Users\dwyatt> Get-EnumValues ([Microsoft.Office.Interop.Excel.XlFileFormat]) | ft -AutoSize
    Name                          Value Hex       
    ----                          ----- ---       
    xlSYLK                            2 0x00000002
    xlWKS                             4 0x00000004
    xlWK1                             5 0x00000005
    xlCSV                             6 0x00000006
    xlDBF2                            7 0x00000007
    xlDBF3                            8 0x00000008
    xlDIF                             9 0x00000009
    xlDBF4                           11 0x0000000B
    xlWJ2WD1                         14 0x0000000E
    xlWK3                            15 0x0000000F
    xlExcel2                         16 0x00000010
    xlTemplate                       17 0x00000011
    xlTemplate8                      17 0x00000011
    xlAddIn                          18 0x00000012
    xlAddIn8                         18 0x00000012
    xlTextMac                        19 0x00000013
    xlTextWindows                    20 0x00000014
    xlTextMSDOS                      21 0x00000015
    xlCSVMac                         22 0x00000016
    xlCSVWindows                     23 0x00000017
    xlCSVMSDOS                       24 0x00000018
    xlIntlMacro                      25 0x00000019
    xlIntlAddIn                      26 0x0000001A
    xlExcel2FarEast                  27 0x0000001B
    xlWorks2FarEast                  28 0x0000001C
    xlExcel3                         29 0x0000001D
    xlWK1FMT                         30 0x0000001E
    xlWK1ALL                         31 0x0000001F
    xlWK3FM3                         32 0x00000020
    xlExcel4                         33 0x00000021
    xlWQ1                            34 0x00000022
    xlExcel4Workbook                 35 0x00000023
    xlTextPrinter                    36 0x00000024
    xlWK4                            38 0x00000026
    xlExcel7                         39 0x00000027
    xlExcel5                         39 0x00000027
    xlWJ3                            40 0x00000028
    xlWJ3FJ3                         41 0x00000029
    xlUnicodeText                    42 0x0000002A
    xlExcel9795                      43 0x0000002B
    xlHtml                           44 0x0000002C
    xlWebArchive                     45 0x0000002D
    xlXMLSpreadsheet                 46 0x0000002E
    xlExcel12                        50 0x00000032
    xlOpenXMLWorkbook                51 0x00000033
    xlWorkbookDefault                51 0x00000033
    xlOpenXMLWorkbookMacroEnabled    52 0x00000034
    xlOpenXMLTemplateMacroEnabled    53 0x00000035
    xlOpenXMLTemplate                54 0x00000036
    xlOpenXMLAddIn                   55 0x00000037
    xlExcel8                         56 0x00000038
    xlOpenDocumentSpreadsheet        60 0x0000003C
    xlCurrentPlatformText         -4158 0xFFFFEFC2
    xlWorkbookNormal              -4143 0xFFFFEFD1
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    Hi Dave

    Thanks. That appears to have sorted the problem.



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