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    In my job there is an increased desire to massively allow devices for Exchange Online. It is really tiring to do one by one via O365, so I tried to do with PS:

    Get-MobileDevice | Where-Object {$_.DeviceAccessState -eq 'Quarantined'} | % { Set-ActiveSyncDeviceAccessRule -Identity '##################' -AccessLevel Allow }

    Also using -Mailbox property with Import-Csv or just type adaccount or mailbox after.When i run the command seems finishing then i get this:

    WARNING: The command completed successfully but no settings of '#############' have been modified.

    # for the Device Access Rule name.

    I am not a coding expert so maybe i get this wrong. I read on many threads that you can allow devices after enrollment with the Set-ActiveSyncDeviceAccessRule cmdlet, but what I see, its rather wants to change the initial setup of that Device Access Rule and it cannot cos I have no access to do it.

    Whatever, after running the command no device gets to Allowed state.
    The other perception I get that %VERB%-ActiveSync... cmdlets seems to be changing to MobileDevice. The only one is Get-MobileDevice, however on some threads it is indicated that this will be change in the future. Is it possible that the function not implemented on PS yet?

    I appreciate all help you can provide on this matter.

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    Honestly, I think this is something you should submit to O365 support. Nobody here is really qualified to speak about what might be happening in O365 in the future, or what functionality is officially supported or not.

    You're also referring other threads (forums posts?) that you've read, but you're not mentioning where those are. It's a little difficult to interpret what you're seeing or dealing with.

    Sorry I couldn't be more helpful.

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