Exchange Server Management Using Powershell

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      Hey Everyone,

      I’ve been researching to try and find good resources on learning how to manage Exchange Server using Powershell and was wondering if anybody knew of some good books/videos on the subject. I currently manage it about 70/30 (GUI/Powershell), but would like to learn in a more structured way that books or videos can offer.

      If anyone had some suggestions it would be greatly appreciated.




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      yes, you could manage your exchange server with Powershell, try to check tutorials on youtube or buy some book from Amazon to learn how to do it effectively and efficiently.

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      If you don’t know powershell already, Learn windows powershell in a month of lunches, is one of the best starting points.
      then the powershell toolmaking in a month of lunches is also valuable.

      Modern exchange management requires powershell, there are many things in exchange that are not configurable via the web portals.

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