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    Note: This is practice, details that follow are not confidential.

    Hello all,

    I have a drop down box containing 2 employees. I want to populate an hourly rate (£) text box which will be the result of which Employee is selected from the drop down. The hourly rate values are hard coded for now.

    Below is the function I call for setting the Hourly Rate.

    function SetHourlyRate
    		$WhichEmployee = $($EmployeeDropDownBox.SelectedItem)
    	if ($WhichEmployee = "Mike Smith")
    	{ $HourlyRateTextBox.Text = "£11.60" }
    	if ($WhichEmployee = "David Bloggs")
    	{ $HourlyRateTextBox.Text = "£12.20" }	

    Below is the drop down box with selected value event:

    $EmployeeList = @("Mike Smith", "David Bloggs")
    foreach ($Employee in $EmployeeList)
    $EmployeeDropDownBox.add_SelectedValueChanged({ SetHourlyRate })

    Selecting any employee sets the rate to £12.20, I am unable to display the £11.60 value. Is my $WhichEmployee variable not matching the if statements of "Mike Smith" or "David Bloggs"? I have tried using .selecteditem.ToString() also which did not work. The function seems to display whichever value is displayed last.


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    Resolved. Daft error on my part, operator "=" should be written as -eq, hence why my statements were failing. Apologies if you were taking part. thanks

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