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    I want to get a random number between 1 to 10. However, I want to exclude numbers the lets say 2 and 8. I want a variable that has numbers to exclude. How can I do this? Thanks

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    There is no exclude option for that cmdlet.

    As per the built-in PoSH help files, you can take this approach...

    # Example 5: Get a random integer from an array
    Get-Random -InputObject 1,3,4,5,6,7,9,10

    # Or for your ask

    $MyNumbers = 1,3,4,5,6,7,9,10
    Get-Random -InputObject $MyNumbers

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    Aaron Hardy

    This is overkill for the scope you're wanting but it can be useful in more dynamic environments or where the range is much larger and there are more exclusions.

    [System.Collections.ArrayList]$NumRange = @()
    [System.Collections.ArrayList]$Exclusions = @()
    # Define and add values to the NumRange ArrayList
    $range = 1..10
    $range | ForEach-Object { $NumRange.Add($_) }
    # Define and add values to the Exclusions ArrayList
    $exclRange = 2,8
    $exclRange | ForEach-Object { $Exclusions.Add($_) }
    foreach ($ex in $Exclusions) {

    Then pipe $NumRange to Get-Random:

    $NumRange | Get-Random

    This will provide Get-Random the range you're wanting without the numbers you want excluded.

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    Thank You. I wanted to get a range of AD phone numbers with extensions and have powershell get a random extension not in use. Is there another way to have powershell automatically assign a user a number not in use?

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      Olaf Soyk

      If you don't need to re-use "free" numbers you could simply determine the highest and add one. 😉

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