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January 27, 2017 at 6:10 pm


Here is a script that will find users who's password that will expire in 30 days and email them.

#Load Variables
$expUsers = @();
$cdate = Get-Date -Format MM-dd-yyyy;
$result = @();
$users =@();
$mdate = (Get-Date).AddDays(30);

#List Active Users in the Users OU with Password Never Expires attribute False
$users = Get-ADUser -Filter {enabled -eq $true} -SearchBase "OU=Users,DC=YOUR,DC=DOMAIN" -Properties "msDS-UserPasswordExpiryTimeComputed","Mail","PasswordneverExpires" | Where {($_.Mail -like "*YOURDOMAIN*.COM") -and ($_.PasswordNeverExpires -eq $false)} | Select SamAccountName,Mail,Name,Enabled,msDS-UserPasswordExpiryTimeComputed,PasswordNeverExpires;

#Convert Expiration Date to MM/dd/YYYY format
$expUsers = $users | select -Property "SamAccountName","Name","Mail","Enabled","PasswordNeverExpires",@{Name="ExpirationDate";Expression={[datetime]::FromFileTime($_."msDS-UserPasswordExpiryTimeComputed")}};

#Get Users whos's expiring in 30 Days
$exp_Users = $expUsers | Where {$_.ExpirationDate -lt $mdate -and $_.ExpirationDate -gt $cdate}

foreach ($user in $exp_Users){

#Convert data to make it readable
$result += New-Object -TypeName psobject -Property @{

SamaccountName = @($user).SamaccountName;
Name = @($user).Name;
Mail = @($user).Mail;
Enabled = @($user).Enabled;
PasswordNeverExpires = @($user).PasswordNeverExpires;
ExpirationDate = @($user).ExpirationDate;


#Export Users with Password Never Expires
$result | Sort ExpirationDate | Export-Csv -NoTypeInformation d:\scripts\ad\ExpiringPasswords-$cdate.Csv

#Load CSV File
$ExUsers = Import-Csv D:\Scripts\AD\ExpiringPasswords-$cdate.Csv

#Get User count
$c = $ExUsers | Measure;

#Load Encoding Format
$encode = [System.Text.Encoding]::UTF8;

#Loop through users to send email for Expired Passwords
For ($i = 0; $i -lt $c.Count; $i++)
$Name = @($exUsers.Name[$i]);
$ExpDate = @($exUsers.ExpirationDate[$i]).substring(0,10);
$email = @($exusers.mail[$i]);

$Subject = “Your Account Password Will Expire on $expdate”
$Body = “Dear $Name,

Your Account Password will expire on $expdate. Please change your password.


#Send-MailMessage -from "ExpirationNotify@YOURDOMAIN.COM" -To $email -Subject $Subject -Body $Body -Priority High -Encoding $encode -SmtpServer "YOURSMTPServer.COM";

I hope this helps someone out 🙂

Alex Nicastro

January 27, 2017 at 6:43 pm

Thank you!

Consider refactoring that into a function of some sort, and publishing it as a module to PowerShell Gallery. I'm sure many WILL find it useful!

January 27, 2017 at 8:03 pm

Here is another doing the same thing. We need to send the message in multiple languages so there is some language specific fixing. I had some troubles with sending emails so I made double logging. This is run twice a week as a scheduled job.


    $expireindays = 14
    $from = "Automated IT "
    $logging = "Enabled" # Set to Disabled to Disable Logging
    $testRecipient = ""
    $date = Get-Date -format ddMMyyyy
    $maxDomainPasswordAge = (Get-ADDefaultDomainPasswordPolicy).MaxPasswordAge 

#Logging options
    $logFile = "\\path\$(get-date -Format yyyy-MM-dd)_passwordLog.csv" 
    $EmailLogFile = "\\path\$(get-date -Format yyyy-MM-dd)_email.csv"
    New-Item $logfile -ItemType File -Force
    Add-Content $logfile "Date,Name,EmailAddress,DaystoExpire,ExpiresOn"
    New-Item $EmailLogFile -ItemType File -Force
    Add-Content $EmailLogFile "Date,Name,EmailSent"

$users = get-aduser -filter {(PasswordNeverExpires -eq $false) -and (Enabled -eq "true")} -properties Name, PasswordNeverExpires, PasswordExpired, PasswordLastSet, EmailAddress | where { $_.passwordexpired -eq $false }

ForEach ($user in $users) {  
    $Name = $user.Name
    $emailaddress = $user.emailaddress
    $passwordSetDate = $user.PasswordLastSet
    $PasswordPol = (Get-AduserResultantPasswordPolicy $user)
    # Determine Max Password Age
    if (($PasswordPol) -ne $null) 
        $maxPasswordAge = ($PasswordPol).MaxPasswordAge
        } #End if ($PasswordPol)

        $maxPasswordAge = $maxDomainPasswordAge 
        } #End Else if (($PasswordPol) -ne $null)

    $expireson = $passwordsetdate + $maxPasswordAge

    $daystoexpire = (New-TimeSpan -Start $(get-date) -End $Expireson).Days

    $messageDays = $daystoexpire

    if (($daystoexpire -ge "0") -and ($daystoexpire -lt $expireindays))

        if (($messageDays) -ge "1")

            $messageDays = "in " + "$daystoexpire" + " days"
	        $messageDaysRU = "$daystoexpire"
	        $messageDaysFI = "$daystoexpire" + " päivän kuluttua"
	        $messageDaysSE = "om " + "$daystoexpire" + " dagar"
            } #End if (($messageDays) -ge "1")
            $messageDays = "today"
	        $messageDaysRU = "сегодня"
	        $messageDaysFI = "tänään"
	        $messageDaysSE = "i dag"
            } #End Else if (($messageDays) -ge "1")

        # Email Subject Set Here
        $subject="Your password will expire $messageDays - Срок действия пароля истекает через $messageDaysRU дн."
        # Email Body Set Here, Note You can use HTML, including Images.
        $body ="
        Dear $name,
         Your Password will expire $messageDays.
        Hyvä $name, 
        Salasanasi vanhenee $messageDaysFI.
        Hej $name, 
        Ditt lösenord kommer att löpa ut $messageDaysSE. 

        Add-Content $logfile "$date,$Name,$emailaddress,$daystoExpire,$expireson" 
        #test sending
        if ($emailaddress) {
            try {

                Send-Mailmessage -smtpServer $smtpServer -from $from -to $emailaddress -subject $subject -body $body -bodyasHTML -priority High -Encoding ([System.Text.Encoding]::UTF8) -ErrorAction stop
                "$date,$Name,Yes" | out-file $EmailLogFile -Append


            catch {
                "$date,$Name,No" | out-file $EmailLogFile -Append
            } #End If
        Else {
            "$date,$Name,No" | out-file $EmailLogFile -Append

            } #End Else
        } # End if (($daystoexpire -ge "0") -and ($daystoexpire -lt $expireindays))

} #End ForEach ($user in $users)