Exporting data from 'info' attribute (Notes field)

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    Is there a way to export the values from my users' 'info' AD attribute (corresponds to the Notes field in the user properties)?

    This Technet article below does NOT have it listed as an extended attribute usable by get-aduser, but further on down in the comments, it is discussed as valid.

    The command I am trying is simply get-aduser -filter * -Properties info. It returns the list of users, but only with the default Properties for that command.


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    Don Jones

    Yeah, the AD commands are a little wonky about that. So in your case it's clearly not working. You could revert to ADSI, or the Quest cmdlets, as a backup.

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    Tim Pringle

    Hey LRuff,

    Just out of interest, was the Info attribute set initially programmatically or manually? And were there multiple lines?

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    David Schmidtberger

    the way i get the info field is:
    get-aduser -filter * -properties info | select -expandproperty info

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