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    I'm trying to set up a module that's used as a toolbox for our Office365 deployment. I've managed to setup a Nexus (nuget) repository locally to store the module, but I'm a bit stuck on configuring the ExternalModuleDependencies ore is it RequiredModules in the Manifest for the module. As I understood it the dependant modules should be checked when the module is install or imported, or even run! However the custom cmdlets just error, after I import the required modules, everything works okay.
    I've added this to the PSData hashtable.

    ExternalModuleDependencies = @('ActiveDirectory','AzureAD','SkypeOnlineConnector','SkypeForBusiness')

    Is this correct, I'm guessing I'm missing something here. Do I have to add the import-module commands to the psm1? I thought this was automatic on PS 5.


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    ExternalModuleDependencies doesn't auto-import, no. See https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/powershell/module/microsoft.powershell.core/new-modulemanifest?view=powershell-6; use RequiredModules to auto-import.

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    Thanks for the reply.
    I ended up using the RequiredModules and ExternalModuleDependencies. It's now doing what I want it to.

    RequiredModules = @(
        @{ModuleName="AzureADpreview"; ModuleVersion="";Guid="b433e830-b479-4f7f-9c80-9cc6c28e1b51"}


    ExternalModuleDependencies = @('ActiveDirectory','AzureADpreview','SkypeOnlineConnector','SkypeForBusiness')

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