Extract login name & last logon time from specific storage G

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    by ogaal at 2013-02-18 04:42:50

    Hi Guys,

    we have Archive Storage Group and most of the users in this SG have left the organisation....what we want to do is find out when the users in this SG have last accessed their mailboxes..... we can pst the entire SG... hope thisa makes sense..... the command below does not list the user logon name & it is not obviously specific to a SG....

    get-mailboxstatistics -server SERVERNAME | sort-object DisplayName

    your help is much appreciated.

    by zpyrit at 2013-02-18 12:54:50

    Hi ogaal,

    Try this one: Get-MailboxStatistics -Database DBName | select-object DisplayName,LastLogonTime,LastLoggedOnUserAccount

    Hope this help 😉

    by ogaal at 2013-02-19 03:46:07

    thanks zpyrit.

    as the users in this SG have all left the organisation, it's us in the IT dept who last accessed their mailboxes as we had to PST them all which is why (LastLoggedOnUserAccount) is returning our network user names rather than the user's.

    (Get-MailboxStatistics -Database EXCHANGE SERVER\DB| select-object DisplayName,LastLogonTime)

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