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    I'm trying to look and find if there is a way to use powershell to use the file to scan a server for missing patches. I cannot use MBSA to assist in anyway for this.

    Has anyone ran into a similar issue or can point me in the right direction?

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    I think the most you could maybe do is run Get-Hotfix to get a list of what IS installed, and then diff that off the list in the cab file. It'd not going to be a simple task, and it's not like there's a single command that'll do it. It's really all set up to use MBSA, so not being able to use that is almost a deal breaker. It's like trying to drive a car without using the gas pedal ;).

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    Ha, I like the analogy. Well, maybe I'll tinker with it or maybe just abandon it and torch my pedal-less car.

    Thanks for the quick reply Don!

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    You would need to use Windows Update Agent API
    You would want to take a look at

    Note you would need to have Powershell v3 on the machine your running the script for it to work.

    Thanks Preenesh !!

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