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    Working in a Push scenario, I run Start-DscConfiguration to tell the LCM what configuration to run. Once I've done that, the LCM runs that configuration automatically based on the LCM settings.

    Question is; how do I determine where the LCM is getting its configuration?

    For example; if I am investigating a server and was not the person that ran Start-DscConfiguration, how do I find out where the configuration is?


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    Well, the LCM is going to keep a copy of the configuration in $env:SystemRoot\System32\Configuration\current.mof ; it's not getting it from anywhere else after a push has happened.

    If you want to know where the push originally came from, I don't think the LCM keeps that information anywhere (but will double check this when I get a chance). You might be able to find something in the DSC event log, though.

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    Perfect! Thanks Dave!

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    Hi Craig,

    You can filter the DSC event log for ID 4102 and find out who pushed the configuration from where and when.

    Get-WinEvent -FilterHashtable @{LogName='Microsoft-Windows-DSC/Operational';Id=4102} | Format-List -Property TimeCreated, Message, UserId
    TimeCreated : 02/10/2014 23:08:22
    Message     : Job {3D677BE4-4A78-11E4-82B2-001E4FC0836E} : 
                  Configuration is sent from computer DSC01 by user sid S-1-5-21-605124763-3332917143-1498451686-1234.
    UserId      : S-1-5-21-605124763-3332917143-1498451686-1234


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