Freelance PowerShell Automation Guru Needed

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    Adam Bertram

    UPDATE 07/07/17: The response has been overwhelming to this. That's great! As a result, I'd like to get a list of everyone interested and create a sort of queue-like system. Everyone's that applied seems to know PowerShell pretty well but not everyone knows each product that PowerShell touches equally.

    My plan is to collect everyone interested in PowerShell automation and as I begin to collect work, I will delegate that work to whoever has the most experience with that particular niche. I get a lot of random requests that I sometimes have to turn down because I just don't know the product well enough.

    When you email me, please tell me a little about your background, what your current role is, how many hours you'd like (and are capable of putting in) and most importantly the products you've used PowerShell to perform automation around. SCCM? Active Directory? SQL Server? Azure?

    Original listing:

    I have a company that does consulting work, freelance writing and online training. It's always been just me and I've been able to keep up but not recently. I'm looking for people to act as my release valve.

    I need someone that knows PowerShell in and out. This person will be my subcontractor on various gigs. Whenever a client comes to me with a request and I don't have time to do it, I will pass the requirements onto you. You will deliver to me, I will review and then pass onto the client.

    The gigs can be just about anything from creating a script to perform large data transfers, creating a software deployment tool, automating network monitoring software, you name it. The gigs will generally be from just a couple hours up to 20. It all depends on what a client needs from me.

    You will also be required to accept payment via Paypal and be sent a 1099 form at the end of the year for tax purposes (for Americans, still working on the international requirements).

    Also, you'd be free to work whenever you want. I don't anticipate having to communicate in real-time too often but I would like it if you'd chat with me over my Slack org. If I do things right, I should give you requirements, you do the work, I review and if everything is good, project completed for small stuff.

    Along with the problem solution, send me your requested hourly rate or how you'd like to be paid. You're free to invoice me however often you prefer as long as it's not more frequent than weekly. Most of the time, you'll just invoice me after the project is completed since I'm assuming most will be smaller.

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    Ben Camareno

    Hey Adam,

    Is it too late to send you my detials?

    I don't know how I missed this, I'm always on this site.

    Anyways, please let me know.



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