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    I'm fairly new to DSC and I'm trying to apply VSS storage size settings within my configuration. Is it possible to gather data from the node that is being configured with a WMI query and run that through a foreach loop? Or would I need to put this into a DSC script resource?

    $disk = Get-WmiObject -class win32_logicaldisk | where {$_.drivetype -eq '3'} | select DeviceID

    Foreach ($Item in $Disk) {
    VSS $item {
    Ensure = 'Present'
    Drive = '$Item'
    Size = '1Gb'




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    You would be best off building a custom resource – they're easier to debug and maintain than a Script resource. But yes, that's what you'd need to do – the MOF can't contain any executable code apart from a Script resource.

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