Get-ChildItem with regular expression

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    Jason Wasser

    I'd like to find get a list of files within a certain directory but I need to include two different extension types (particularly *.cer and *.crt).

    Does the Get-ChildItem -Filter accept regular expressions?

    If not how else can I do what I need to do?

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    Dilip Bailwal

    you can use,

    | select-string -pattern "your regex"

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    Chris Wolfenden

    The filter parameter only qualifies the Path parameter so it wouldn't help you filter by file name. You can try piping to where-object

    Get-ChildItem ..... | Where-Object { {$_.Name -match "regex"}

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    Jason Wasser

    Thank you. Here's what I came up with.

    $CertificateFileRegEx = '.cer|.crt'
    $Certifcates = Get-ChildItem -Path $CertificatePath | Where-Object -FilterScript {$_.Name -match $CertificateFileRegEx}

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    Dan Potter

    All the variables are unneccesary.

    gci | ? -FilterScript {$ -match "csv|bin"}

    Simplified syntax kills puppies;-)

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    Jason Wasser

    Thanks Dan. I'm putting together an advanced function which is why I'm being so verbose and using variables.

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