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January 1, 2012 at 12:00 am

by jawhitm at 2012-10-30 02:34:46

Hello everyone,

I am recording the information from Get-Date to a text file because I am going to compare it against events that occur in the future. As well I do not want it to alert again within a specified time range.

My issue is as follows:

1. If you use Get-Date it adds in a line above it.

2. This is extremely annoying as when I do a Get-Date > C:\temp\CurrentTime.txt

3. Then do a [datetime] $RecordedTime = Get-content C:\temp\CurrentTime.txt

It then errors out telling me that it cannot convert it. Which is perfectly true as well a date and time of course cannot be blank.

Any suggestions on how I can use Get-date but not have the new line appear. And no Write-host Get-Date -NoNewLine does not work. 🙂

Thank you for your time.

Thank you.

by Klaas at 2012-10-30 03:04:29

That's because get-date returns an object, not a string. You can pass -format or -displayhint parameters or use a .tostring() method to pull the exact output you want.

by mikefrobbins at 2012-10-30 10:18:18

Use one of these two for recording the DateTime into the text file:

(Get-Date).datetime | Out-File C:\temp\CurrentTime.txt


Get-Date | Select-Object -ExpandProperty DateTime | Out-File C:\temp\CurrentTime.txt

Then your other command will work without error:

[datetime] $RecordedTime = Get-content C:\temp\CurrentTime.txt

by jawhitm at 2012-10-30 14:07:56

mikefrobbins (Get-Date).datetime worked exactly what I was looking for