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    Rambos Ritas

    Hi All,

    It is my first post here but the people here I know from a long time from MS forums.

    My issue that I have a txt files with servers name say for example: 2345-UHGFD and a friendly name MyServer-DC, so I want to get powershell to display both 2345-UHGFD and Myserver-DC when I run a report on these server.

    My txt file now state:


    I need say to be bale to do:
    2345-UHGFD 'MyServer-DC'
    3456-UYTE 'SQL-78KGP

    Can this be done so it will show both from the txt file on the html report created by the powershell script?


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    Hi Rambos,

    Can you please give more details on how this relates to DSC?


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      Rambos Ritas

      Hi Sorry, I will move it to powershell Q&A

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