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      I know how to find the expiration date of a aduser’s password.

      That is…when we want this to know from all of the Ad users.

      I am struggling to het it from Just a few users .

      These users are in a Variabele like $users.samaccountname for instance.

      I need to use $users to get the date there password expires , select their name and e-mail adress.

      If you know the good way ….

      Appreciate IT…

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      I don’t know how $users was generated, but if it stores the output of Get-ADUser, there is a chance it does not have all of the properties required. That will require doing another Get-ADUser with the appropriate properties.

      Starting a query from scratch, you could do something like the following:

      If you must start from an already populated $users and it does not contain password properties, you must query them again:

      Of course, you can combine the two approaches. Performing a query for each user is going to take a long time if the user list is long. It may be more efficient to just query the domain again.

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      Reference the samaccountname as the identity:

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