Get SQL Agent Job stepID

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    M. Chalut

    Hi again guys!!!

    Now this time I would like to get the SQL Agent Job stepID from powershell. I only have the StepName and I would like to get information from the Job History as follow:

    write-host "Name: $($job.JobSteps[$stepID].Name) RunDate: $($job.JobSteps[$stepID].LastRunDate) Status: $($job.JobSteps[$stepID].LastRunOutCome)"

    Can I get this information using the stepname?

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    Don Jones

    It looks like $stepID contains the step ID, doesn't it?

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    M. Chalut

    Well... I have to get it somehow!!
    I have this working...
    write-host "Name: $($job.JobSteps[1].Name) RunDate: $($job.JobSteps[1].LastRunDate) Status: $($job.JobSteps[1].LastRunOutCome)"

    However, in my program, the user is entering the StepName only. I tried the following:
    $stepID = $job.CurrentRunStep
    write-host "StepID = $steID"

    But it gives me the following:
    StepID = 0 (unknown)

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    Don Jones

    You'd have to query that from SQL Server. Sorry, I thought you had $stepID. I'm not sure how you'd query that – it's really a SQL Server question, not PowerShell. Again, sorry.

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    M. Chalut

    I found it!!
    $JobStep = $Job.JobSteps[$StepName]
    Write-Host "Name: $($JobStep.Name) RunDate: $($JobStep.LastRunDate) Status: $($JobStep.LastRunOutCome)"

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