Get the class of an exception and catch it

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    Paal Braathen


    I want to catch only a specific error that is thrown. The problem is that i don't know it's class.

    How can I display the full class name of my exception when it's thrown?

    Example code (including a question). As you see I'm trying to get events from the future. This will throw NoMatchingEventsFound. I want to catch this and only this error.

    $LogName = "Application"
    try {
        Get-WinEvent -FilterHashtable @{"LogName" = $LogName; "StartDate" = (Get-Date -Year 2020)} -ErrorAction "Stop"
    } catch {
        $_ # And why can't this be piped to Format-List?
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    Dave Wyatt

    Exceptions and ErrorRecords, for whatever reason, need to have the -Force switch used when you pipe them to Format-List and such. I forget why that is, but PowerShell really really wants to display them the way it thinks they should be displayed. 🙂

    To get the type of the exception, $_.Exception.GetType().FullName should suffice.

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    Paal Braathen


    $_.Exception.GetType().FullName only gives me System.Exception. Is that really the class of the error?

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    Dave Wyatt

    That would be very unusual, but not impossible. .NET code (including PowerShell cmdlets) generally considers it a bad practice to just throw the base exception class, rather than subclassing it to something more useful that can be caught and handled specifically.

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