Get-WinEvent -FilterHashTable "logname" is Case Sensitve

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    Dan Foxley

    With Powershell 3.0 in ISE remoting to a Windows Server 2008 R2, running:

    Get-WinEvent -FilterHashTable @{logname='application';ID=1316}

    Returns w/o issue.


    Get-WinEvent -FilterHashTable @{LogName='application';ID=1316}

    Returns the following error:

    You must specify at least one Log, Provider or Path key-value pair.
    + CategoryInfo :
    + FullyQualifiedErrorId : LogProviderOrPathNeeded,Microsoft.PowerShell.Commands.GetWinEventCommand

    The Get-WinEvent help shows "LogName" being used.

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    Don Jones

    So, the only difference being the case, you're saying? PowerShell's generally case-insensitive, but anytime you use a -Filter, the shell is just handing off to the underlying technology, which might be case-sensitive.

    FWIW, both commands run without error on my Win2012R2 system, so it's possible 2008R2 was case-sensitive. The PowerShell v3 docs would likely have been written from Win2012 behavior.

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    Dan Foxley

    Correct, that is the only difference, the case. I guess it was half frustration, the error didn't sync with the issue and it took me an hour or so to sort this out.


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