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September 7, 2017 at 7:49 pm

The following script runs in PS IDE correctly (identifying info has been changed to generics):

[code] C:\Lena\WinSCP\ /command 'open' 'put ""W:\Master_Library\BUILDERS\WOODSIDE HOMES\THE OVERLOOK\28855.348\28855.348_Rough.PDF"" /' 'exit' [/code]

The issue becomes just how many quotes do I need to get this same script to run in a VBA Shell call.
Call Shell( _
"C:\Lena\WinSCP\ /command " & _
"""open"" " & _
"""put """" & RootTarget & """" /"" " & _

You can see I currently have """" on each side of the variable holding that path – I have tried a couple of different things including single quotes but nothing seems to be working.