Getting a no result on foreach with Get-WMIObject

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    Wei-Yen Tan

    I have a list of sharenames in a text file not the unc paths.
    for example,


    I am trying to get a listing of shares thru WMI (as the server i am working on has powershell v2 old I know but its all i have at the moment) so i can match the corresponding path:

    name path:
    Tomcooks$ e:\users\tomcooks

    I am looking for the path directory.

    I did a test on a single user

    Get-wmiobject win32_share -filter "name = 'tomcook'"

    I get the correct result for one user.

    So now i want to pass it through a text file so I write out like below:

    cat "C:\Users\tanw-admin\Desktop\disabledusers2.txt"| foreach-object {get-wmiobject win32_share -filter "name = '$_'"}

    But in Powershell it comes back with no result.

    i tried this:

    $filenames = cat "C:\Users\tanw-admin\Desktop\disabledusers2.txt"
     foreach ($share in $filenames) {
     get-wmiobject win32_share -filter 'name = $share'

    Same thing, what gives? Thanks for any help

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    Liam Kemp

    Hi Wei-Yen,
    I have just tested your first example, and it works fine for me with multiple entries in the text file.
    The second example also works with a bit of tweaking, just some syntactical things on the filter – which you had correct in the first example.
    (Obviously I changed the file location on my pc)

    $filenames = cat "C:\shares.txt"
     foreach ($share in $filenames) {
     get-wmiobject win32_share -filter "name = '$share'"

    Also just to clarify, you say in the text file you have the share name as Tomcooks$.
    In your working test you just have 'tomcooks'. That might be a typo in the question, but I thought I'd mention it in case the sharenames in your list don't match the actual share names.


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    Yuan Li

    Hey Wei-Yen

    In the beginning, I got the same result as yours, nothing. Then I use trace-command to trace the details and found that there are some space after the sharename.

    trace-command -PSHost -name ParameterBinding -Expression{

    gc C:\temp\aaa.txt |
    Get-WmiObject -Class win32_share -Filter "name ='$temp'"



    after I trim the space, it'll be good.


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    Wei-Yen Tan

    Thanks Yuan Li, that was the problem

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