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    I have the ff:

    $xl = New-Object -ComObject Excel.Application
    $xlEnum = New-Object -TypeName PSObject
    # get all Excel exported types of type Enum
    $xl.GetType().Assembly.GetExportedTypes() |
    Where-object {$_.BaseType -eq "System.enum"} | Out-gridview
    # -- the final intent is the ff:
    Sort-object -property Name -Descending | Out-gridview

    The goal is to get a listing of all the EXCEL enums for such things as cell color, height, width, etc.. (there are thousands).  I am however stucked at the Where-object.  It seems the attempt to filter only "System.Enum" BaseTypes is failing.  The property name 'BaseType' is of type BaseType, according to GM if I pipe the output of the preceding line to GM.  The question then is how do I compare to get a match of type BaseType?  I understand my code is implying a [string] type, but what is the correct way of expressing this, if possible?  Hope I've stated the problem clearly.  Thanks.

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    Not sure whether I understood the question properly, but if you are facing with the filter, you should use below filters.

    $_.BaseType.Name -match "Enum"
    $_.BaseType.FullName -match "System.Enum"
    #Below code will give you the detail.
    $xl.GetType().Assembly.GetExportedTypes() | Where-Object -FilterScript {$_.BaseType.Name } | ForEach-Object {$_.BaseType | Format-List * ;break}
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      Much thanks, Mr KVprasoon ... for a very enlightening reply. Yes, I was not aware of .Name or .Fullname. In my early efforts to figure this out, I piped to Get-Member (GM) the result of


      and just stopped there. Please let me share my "trial and error" efforts before my post. In order to "figure out" my dilemma I first did the ff:

      # -- this yields Selected.System.RuntimeType
      $x1.GetType().Assembly.GetExportedTypes() | GM

      to see what's "available". In hindsight maybe the correct "line of thinking" should have been:

      # -- this yields Microsoft.PowerShell.Commands.MemberDefinition
      $x1.GetType().Assembly.GetExportedTypes() | GM | GM

      In both cases there is a Name property, but which one is the logically correct? Is my "logic" (or lack of it) consistent within PowerShell's way of operation?
      Thanking you in advance.

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