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    Francisco Machado

    hello, i'm totally new to Powershell. I'm trying to retrieve computer information, by using a text file with a list of computer names. but my line will not work. please help.

    $CN = Get-Content -Path "c:\scripts\computername.txt" Get-EventLog -ComputerName $CN -LogName Application -Newest 10 | Export-Csv -Path "c:\scripts\test.txt".

    The computers are in a Active Directory network. Should I be using Get-ADComputer?

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    Richard Siddaway

    Can you show what you have in computername.txt. Just the first few lines will be sufficient

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    Matt Bloomfield

    What's not working?

    It could just be the formatting of your post but if you're typing that all one line it won't work. You'll need a new line before continuing with Get-EventLog. This can be done in the ISE or type the lines, one at a time, in the console:

    $CN = Get-Content -Path 'c:\scripts\computername.txt'
    Get-EventLog -ComputerName $CN -LogName Application -Newest 10 | Export-Csv -Path 'c:\scripts\test.txt'

    If it's not formatting and you're getting errors or a different problem, please provide more information.

    Get-ADComputer is used for retrieving computer objects from Active Directory, it won't help you retrieve Event Log information from individual computers.

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    Francisco Machado

    I have managed to fix it. i've used 2 lines as suggested by Matt and renamed the file to c.
    how do change that to get win32_bions info instead?

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    Francisco Machado

    I get an access denied when i run the following:

    PS C:\Users\FM> $CN = Get-Content -Path 'c:\scripts\c.txt'
    PS C:\Users\FM> Get-WmiObject -Class win32_bios -ComputerName $CN | Export-Csv -Path 'c:\scripts\test

    Get-WmiObject : Access is denied. (Exception from HRESULT: 0x80070005 (E_ACCESSDENIED))
    At line:1 char:1
    + Get-WmiObject -Class win32_bios -ComputerName $CN | Export-Csv -Path 'c:\scripts ...
    + ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
    + CategoryInfo : NotSpecified: (:) [Get-WmiObject], UnauthorizedAccessException
    + FullyQualifiedErrorId : System.UnauthorizedAccessException,Microsoft.PowerShell.Commands.GetWmiObjectC

    Could it be that i don't have admin rights on the machine?

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    Wilfredo Perez
    $CN = Get-Content -Path 'C:\test\NYTCNOU.txt'
    Foreach ($computer in $cn){
        Get-EventLog -ComputerName $CN -LogName Application -Newest 10 | Export-Csv -Path 'c:\test\testNYOU.CSV'

    It is recommended that you test the connection first, to make sure the PC is up and running.

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