getting error when try to pulling mof from pull server

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    Yuvaraj Duraisamy

    Failed to get the action from server\'305633f0-549b-4bb5-ae75-582d8317819e\')/GetAction.

    1) I have configured the pull server with https protocol.
    2) I was getting above error when client m/c was trying to pull the mof from pull server.
    3) when I configured the pull server with http protocol , client machine could pull the configuration file .

    so I have missed something when configured the pull server with https protocol , so kindly help me on this issue.

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    Maybe something in the SSL config of the website. Here are a couple of things to check:

    1- Verify that the certificate used for the website is trusted on the client side. Easiest way to do that is to load the URL you entered above in a browser and verify the certificate validation from there. Are you using a self-signed certificate or a cert from a CA?

    2- Unless you also have a certificate installed on the client, make sure the SSL settings of the website for "Client Certificates" is set to "Ignore" or "Accept" but not "Required"

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      Yuvaraj Duraisamy

      its CA certificate , website ssl setting in ignore mode only . but am facing the issue

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    You might also want to check if FIPS mode is enabled on client (info).

    Also, you'll find helpful information on Event Viewer, under: Windows > Desired State Configuration > Operational.


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      Yuvaraj Duraisamy

      The underlying connection was closed: Could not establish trust relationship for the SSL/TLS secure channel. —> System.Security.Authentication.AuthenticationException: The remote certificate is invalid according to the validation procedure

      This is the message I am getting in event viewer

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    Apparently you're using a self sign certificate, no? Make sure to "trust" that certificate on the client computer.
    Try to open the URL of the pull server via a regular browser and see if there is SSL issues. Fix that before going to PS.

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