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    Robb Perez

    The topic made sense in my head before I typed it...

    On a scale of 1-10, I'm about a 3 with Powershell (more than a beginner, but less than intermediate).

    I have a rudimentary script which dumps ADGroupMembers to CSV and looks something like this:

    Get-ADGroupMember "Late Shift" | Select distinguishedName | Export-Csv "c:\reports\LateShift.csv" -NoTypeInformation
    Get-ADGroupMember "Mid Shift" | Select distinguishedName | Export-Csv "c:\reports\MidShift.csv" -NoTypeInformation
    Get-ADGroupMember "Early Shift" | Select distinguishedName | Export-Csv "c:\reports\EarlyShift.csv" -NoTypeInformation

    (This is only an example. My actual script runs one line for each of 60 groups.)

    I've since created a new group which contains the other groups. Let's call it "Shifts".

    When I run

    Get-ADGroupMember Shifts | Select Name

    , I get a list of the other groups. I'd like to loop through that list and get the memberlist of those groups. I started with this:

    $Group = Get-ADGroupMember Shifts | Select Name
    foreach ($Name in $Group) {
        Write-Host "Processing" $Name

    The output:

    Processing @{Name=Early Shift}
    Processing @{Name=Late Shift}
    Processing @{Name=Mid Shift}

    What should I be doing to get the correct group name passed through the loop?



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    Craig Duff
    Select -ExpandProperty name

    I think that is what you are after. Select-Object just limits the properties of the objects and doesn't extract the information, so you end up with an object with one property. -ExpandProperty pulls the string out of the object's property.

    Alternatively you could do this inside the script:

    Write-Host "Processing" $Name.Name
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      Robb Perez

      Thanks, Craig! Here's what I ended up with:

      #Clear the previous contents from the folder.
      Remove-Item C:\Reports\*.*
      #Get the group members from the Shifts security group.
      #The Shifts security group contains other security groups.
      $Group = Get-ADGroupMember Shifts | Select -ExpandProperty Name
      #Dump the members of the groups contained in Shifts to separate CSV files.
      foreach ($Name in $Group) {
          $CSVFile = "C:\Reports\"+$Name+".csv"
          Get-ADGroupMember $Name |
              Select DistinguishedName | Sort DistinguishedName |
                  Export-Csv $CSVFile -NoTypeInformation
      #Not required, but I wanted to know how many files to expect,
      #as well as when the script finished.
      Write-Host "Total processed:" $Group.Count
      Write-Host "Done."

      I went from 62 lines to 14 (not including #s)!

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