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    Sean Kearney

    Not sure if anybody here has used Groupme but I've set up an account to allow people to quickly communicate for Ride sharing etc

    It should work by texting this number ... if you go to the web site there's also an app for I believe all phones (yes including Windows Phone)

    Text number for the group is Phone: +1 7322500657

    Main link for the Groupme group

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    Nice idea 🙂

    I'm still jetlagged, I'll try to figure out if I'm getting a prepaid SIM while here. But Groupme looks like a perfect concept.


    ps. How did you change your profile photo?! Can't seem to figure it out (logged in with my live id)

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    Warren Frame


    Apologies to the west coast or other time zones on the 2015 groupme, just sent a message and realized it wasn't 10:00 AM for everyone.

    Might be worth re-using this, or setting up a new one, it was a handy way to keep in touch during the summit.


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