GUI "Defaults" vs "Properties"

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    I know this is silly but I'm customizing my console window, but I can't see the difference between Defaults and Properties. When I click the PowerShell icon in the top left of the window, the properties menus works for me, but the defaults menu doesn't seem to change anything. Thanks

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    Raymond Slieff

    When you change the Properties it is for the current window, when you change the Defaults sticks and any new windows should open with those settings.

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    Dave Wyatt

    Properties basically applies to a single shortcut. The PowerShell.exe shortcut that Windows gives you by default is what gets you the standard "white on blue" coloring, font, etc.

    If you open a command prompt and instead type "start PowerShell.exe", you'll see the Default settings in action, which are closer to what you'd see on the old command prompt.

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    That is what is happening, changing the defaults does not change my pinned Powershell shortcut. Hitting the Start button, and typing powershell also accesses a shortcut, it isn't changed by "defaults" either. Thanks everyone.

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