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    $arp = arp -a | Where {$_ -and $_ -notmatch 'internet address\s+physical address\s+type'}

    What i dont get here is the "$_ -and $_ " part.
    i get that this gets the output of arp -a and then brings back everything except the phrase in the regex.
    i know the $_ is the piped data but i still dont understand that condition, help?

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    Don Jones

    That's not a really well-written Where clause, honestly.

    It's saying, "where $_ contains something, and where $_ does not match the following regular expression."

    I'd prefer:

    $_ -ne $null -and $_ -notmatch 'internet address\s+physical address\s+type'

    Or something a little more declarative.

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      Thanks for the fast response i think ill implement it your way since it is more informative, can i use the PSItem instead of the $_? or it may cause some compatibility issues with other PS vers?

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    Don Jones

    $PSItem was introduced in v3.

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