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    The following is a script I'm trying to put together that
    takes in a list of users from a database file and adds them as users into the active directory. Also omits duplicates. I'll comment where I know issues reside, I'm hoping you'll be kind enough to help me get it to work since PS errors don't help me much I'm a noob.

    Import-Module ActiveDirectory

    $newUserList = Import-Csv C:\Users\Administrator\Desktop\dbs\Monday.csv

    ForEach ($item in $newUserList){
    $fname = $($item.first_name)
    $lname = $($item.last_name)
    $phone = $($item.phone1)
    #I know everything works up to this point.


    # Puts Domain name into a Placeholder.


    # Build the User Principal Name Username with Domain added to it


    # Create the Displayname

    $Name=$fname+” “+$lname

    # Create User in Active Directory FIRST issue resides here, PS doesn't understand the following cmdlets, it misinterprets them all as objects. I assume none of it works but I'm especially unsure of the TelephoneNumber as I just guessed on that one:

    $newusers1 = (NEW-QADUSER –FirstName $fname –Lastname $lname -Telephonenumber $phone –Name $DisplayName $Name –SamAccountName $username –UserPassword '1NewPassword' –UserPrincipalName $UPN –Name $Name –ParentContainer 'csilab.local')


    #THE FOLLOWING CODE TAKES USERS IN newusers1 VAR AND PUTS THEM IN AD ACTIVE USERS GROUP. I haven't tested this as script isn't even making accounts yet. However I know this code section works.

    get-AdUser $newusers1 | Move-ADObject -TargetPath 'OU=Active Users, dc=csilab, dc=local'
    Add-ADGroupMember -Identity "Active Users Security" -Members $newusers1

    #REMOVES ANY DUPLICATES IN AD THAT GET PAST THE SORTING CODE IN DB FILE IMPORT SECTION. I want it to both confirm same name AND phone number since it's unlikely you'll have two people with both matching. Whereas two people with the same name is possible.

    (get-AdGroupMember "Active Users Security") | Remove-ADUser -Identity 'SamAccountName' 'SamTelephoneNumber' IncludeEqual -confirm:$false

    #Error checking component, ignore if it doesn't work, even with a variable I couldn't get this to work

    if($error -eq 0)

    write-host "Thank you, the users have been added to the directory successfully."
    $b1 = Read-Host ('dddd')

    if($error -eq 1)

    write-host "UNEXPECTED ERROR:" -ForegroundColor Red
    $b1 = Read-Host ('dddd')

    #Thank you for your time... I know this is a mess.

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    To use the "Quest AD User" (new-qaduser) cmdlets (now owned by Dell), you need to have the quest cmdlets installed ( They are not native in PowerShell.

    I would probably recommend switching over and using the Microsoft activedirectory module cmdlets. New-ADUser instead of New-QADUser.

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    Thanks Curtis, I'll switch that out as you suggested and see what happens.

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