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    by Britjamez at 2013-04-11 09:16:02

    Looking for some help here ... Here's the code first:

    #Set some variables n stuff
    add-pssnapin SqlServerCmdletSnapin100
    add-pssnapin SqlServerProviderSnapin100
    $GLOBAL:machine = $env:COMPUTERNAME.Tolower()
    $MachineName = $machine

    #Function for SQL Query
    function Stats-Query($SQLServer)
    invoke-sqlcmd -query "EXEC MYQUERYNAME" -database DATABASENAME -serverinstance $SQLServer

    $Results = Stats-Query $MachineName

    #Manipulate results
    foreach($Result in $Results)
    $str = $Result
    $str2 = -join (($str.length-1)..0 | Foreach-Object { $str[$_] })
    $str2 = $rv.Replace($str2,".",1)
    $str = -join (($str2.length-1)..0 | Foreach-Object { $str2[$_] })

    Write "servers." + $MachineName+ "." + $str + " "+ $Result + " " + $EpochTime)

    All works fine, except my output. My column names from the sproc are unknown (always change), and the resultset will only have 1 row.
    so 30ish columns and 1 row.

    What I eventually want, is to get an output of:

    How do I do this?!?

    I think it's my foreach loop that's wrong! I am stumped!

    by DonJ at 2013-04-11 22:39:56

    You're going to have to share a bit more detail – what is in $results? What's sproc (stored procedure?)?

    Can you give a concrete example of what the input might look like, and what the corresponding output should look like?

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