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    IIS was installed using PowerShell DSC script below We have added only http binding since https has required cert thumbprint and that will be dynamic on every year.

    Now , https binding is getting removed everytime server rebooted , Someone please help how to fix this issue.

    Configuration Wserver
    Import-DscResource -ModuleName xwebadministration
    Node $localhost
    xWebsite Testwebsite
    Ensure = "Present"
    Name = "DefaultWebSite"
    State = "Started"

    BindingInfo = MSFT_xWebBindingInformation
    Protocol = "http"
    Port = "80"


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    Well, the problem is that DSC is intended to keep things in a "desired state." When it finds something not "desired" – e.g., not in the config – it wants to "fix" it. Since HTTPS isn't in the config, it removes it. It's working as designed.

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