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      I am using this exec() function  ( ) in my script where I have couple commands which I am using with this function.
      When I am using the function, and create an error in one of the commands –  the script continues to execute – it does not fail on the error.
      I created another script where I am not using the function and I created an error ( delete some file etc. so I can produce an error):

      & gulp clean 
      if (! $?) { throw “Gulp clean failed” }
      & gulp build 
      In this case, the script fails and it does not continue on the other tasks – ( task gulp build is skipped)
      On the other hand,with exec() function,

      function Exec
          & $cmd
          if (! $?) {
             throw (“$task” + ‘failed!’)
      Exec { gulp clean } “Gulp clean”
      Exec  { gulp build} “Gulp build”

      In this case, it gives the error on the screen but continues to run the script with the other tasks – for example continues with gulp build.

      How can I resolve this issue and make it stop executing on the first error just like it does when not using exec() function?
      Thank you


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      If you look at the Free Resources link on the left, there is a ebook on Error handling. You can try a standard try\catch:

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      You should use automatic variable $LastExitCode for this rather than $?:


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