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July 28, 2017 at 11:09 pm

I am familiar with dos commands but powershell commands are new to me.

I have been tasked with writing a powershell command script that does two things:

1. Deletes the contents (all subfolders and the contents of the subfolders) under a particular folder
2. remove a shortcut from the desktop

if that can not be done with simple commands, maybe the steps need to be broken down:

1. gets a list of subdirectores under a directory
2. navigates to each of these directories and deltetes the contents
3. remove the subdirectories
4. then remove shortcuts from the desktop.

July 29, 2017 at 12:19 am

This is almost too easy for Powershell that it is almost not worth it to learn. 😉 But if you like to do it anyway (and I would definitely recommend it) you can find some great starting points in this post: Beginner Sites and Tutorials.
Because it is so straight forward you need in this case the same amount of cmdlets you would need in batch commands – 2.

Remove-Item -Path 'Path to your directory containing the subfolders to delete with a following "\*"' -Recurse -Force

... and to remove a shortcut from the desktop ... take a guess ...

Remove-Item -Path 'complete path to your shortcut file including the extension'

Have fun!