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    Thomas Farley

    Below is an unsuccessful script to create home directories, using a CVS file containing multiple Logon Names. Being a newbie to PS, I can't see my error as to why the scripts only creates a home directory called "Logon Name" I goal was to create a script that would subsitute the $_.Logon Name so that each user would be entered to create the home directory. Any help would be GREATLY appreciated.

    import-csv 'C:\cvstest2.csv' | `
    ForEach-Object { `
    -Logon Name $_.'Logon name' `
    mkdir "z:\home\'logon name'" `}

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    Jack Neff

    Welcome to PoSH! Try this

    Import-Csv 'c:\cvstest2.csv' | ForEach-Object { New-Item -TypeName Directory -Path "Z:\Home\$($_.LogonName)" }

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