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    Why when I query something like a csv or use get-content on a text file with a list of hostnames does the subsequent command choke on headers and such?

    I wanted to run something like #invoke-command -computername (Get-content C:\somefile.txt) -scriptblock {get-process}

    Instead I had to take the variable that I had make "somefile.txt" with and do the following top it

    foreach($i in $pclist) {$tryme = $tryme + $i.Hostname}

    Now #invoke-command -computername $tryme -scriptblock {get-process} is working fine

    What's up with that?

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    I'd say it depends pretty much on what's in your C:\somefile.txt. When I try

    invoke-command -computername (Get-content C:\somefile.txt) -scriptblock {get-process}

    it works just as expected.

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    Any chance you could share how the data in your textfile is formatted?
    Like Olaf says it may have more to do with the data than the invoke command.

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    If you're using Import-CSV to read a CSV, it'll handle the headers for you.

    If not, it's easier to use something like...

    Get-Content data.txt | Select -Skip 1

    To skip the first line.

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    I have found that if I run something like

    I typically work in an environments between 30-100 workstations per domain.

    Get-ADComputer -filter * | Out-file C:\something.txt

    I then need to strip out (or skip, forgot about that – thanks Don!) the top two lines or export it as a csv.

    This certainly isn't show stopped just an oddity I have noticed.

    I'll try to make a sample file and post it later!

    Thank-you for taking the time to look at this, everybody!

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