How come "more" does not work in the ISE?

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    by TinkerTantrum at 2012-12-28 12:54:16

    A rather "noob" question from a "noob" user. I try to get output from the "ls" alias and it spits out all at once. I pipe it to more and it does not work.

    by nohandle at 2012-12-28 13:43:15

    It is probably because the more function calls the Get-Command moreCommandType Name ModuleName
    ----------- ---- ----------
    Function more
    (Get-Item function]param([string[]]$paths)
    $OutputEncoding = [System.Console]::OutputEncoding

    foreach ($file in $paths)
    Get-Content $file |
    $input |
    The more probably relies on the WindowSize property of the host that Console Host has set but the ISE does not.$
    Width Height
    ----- ------
    120 50

    Windows PowerShell ISE Host
    Hence the boundary (screen height) is not reached in the ISE and the output does not stop until its end.

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